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Breast Reduction

While many women are concerned with having breasts that are too small, other women have the opposite problem. Breasts that are disproportionately large and heavy can be both painful and physically challenging, keeping patients from participating in a variety of activities. Many women have difficulty finding clothing that fits correctly and may avoid certain types of garments because they are worried the styles draw too much attention to their breasts. Massive, pendulous breasts can also create discomfort and strain in the neck, back and shoulders, as well as skin irritation due to the skin underneath the breasts rubbing and causing friction. Bra straps can create grooving into the shoulders on some patients.

There is no doubt that excessively large breasts can be, quite literally, a pain in the neck, as well as a significant cosmetic concern. Women with large breasts often think others focus on that feature and fail to notice the rest of their looks or personality. It can be difficult both in social and professional situations to wonder whether you are taken seriously despite your appearance. In addition, the strain of carrying such heavy breasts causes shoulder, neck and back pain. These patients are desperate for relief and to feel better both mentally and physically.

Breast reduction (also called reduction mammoplasty when performed for medical reasons), is designed to bring balance and proportion back to the body profile, creating a more attractive, manageable size and shape to the breasts. Dr. Pearl tailors his breast reduction procedures to each patient to ensure the results are both natural and beautiful. Whether your breasts have always been larger than you like, or you have seen an increase in size due to pregnancy and breastfeeding, Dr. Pearl can help you achieve the curves that make you more comfortable with your body and reduce the pain you have been experiencing.

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Dr. Pearl and Nurse Mary made me at ease during my consultation. From beginning to end. Dr. Pearl aims for perfection and works hard to make his clients happy. Dr. Pearl is a diamond and Nurse Mary is the sparkle. They are quite the dream team 😉

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