3 Tips to Make Your Brow Lift Recovery Easier

brow lift When it comes to looking younger, many people overlook what a difference a brow lift can make. From raising the eyebrows for a lifted look to erasing the appearance of wrinkles and frown lines, a brow lift can also encourage the eyes to look more awake, more lively, and younger when full recovery is achieved. Here are three tips to follow during your brow lift recovery to ensure optimized results.

1. Prepare for at least two weeks of healing.

Although a brow lift is less invasive than a full facelift, it will still require some time to heal. On average, most patients prepare to take off 10 to 14 weeks of work or their daily routines to prioritize rest and gentle care during this time. After around ten days, most of the common side effects from a brow lift, such as swelling and bruising, may appear, but you will continue to see improvements after this.

2. Keep your head elevated at night.

Prioritizing rest while in recovery is important. It’s also essential that you keep your head elevated when sleeping. Adding a pillow or two to keep your head from being parallel to the floor will not only help reduce the appearance of swelling and bruising, but can also help to improve blood flow in the upper face.

3. Limit your physical activity.

While you should be resting during your recovery, it’s also important light movement slowly becomes a part of your daily routine again. Staying in bed or sitting on the couch for prolonged hours of the day can be just as unhealthy as hard physical activity, such as aerobic exercise and weight training. Taking a short walk or doing light chores around your home will encourage movement in your body while healing, allowing for blood flow to spread more evenly for a better appearance.

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