Thinking About a Breast Implant Revision?

Beautiful slim body of woman in studio Many women are happy with their breast implants when they first undergo surgery. However, some women may feel that a boost or rejuvenation is needed after years of use. Or patients may also develop reservations about the appearance of their old implants and wish to have them replaced, while others may have concerns about breast implant-related infections (BII).

Whatever your reasons, breast implant removal surgery can help you achieve your goals. Dr. Carl Pearl specializes in making patients’ dreams about their body come true.

Interested in removing implants?

Some women choose to remove implants for cosmetic reasons. Over time, patients may feel that their old implants don’t fit or they no longer like the look and feel.

Many women get breast implants when they are younger because they are trying to avoid the need for a breast lift. Age, pregnancy, and breastfeeding can cause damage to the surrounding tissue, and a woman may be unhappy with the size or shape of her breasts and want to make changes.

If you feel self-conscious about your breasts, it may be time for a change. Dr. Pearl will evaluate your goals to help you decide whether they will include using new implants, a breast lift, breast fat transfer, or a combination of these procedures.

Breast Pain Or Discomfort

If your implant is causing you pain or discomfort, removing the implant may help relieve the pain. Tissue buildup or capsular contracture can sometimes cause pain around the insertion site.

Others may find that excess weight in the chest causes tension in the neck and shoulders. If your implants are causing you discomfort, having the implants removed or revised may be the solution. Depending on your body and overall goals, Dr. Pearl will determine if you are a good candidate for breast reduction, revision, or whether fat transfer to the breast will make it stand out.


To determine if you’re a good candidate for revision it’s best to have an in-person consultation. If you live out of state (or out of the country) we can conduct a consultation via videoconference with additional photos of your problem areas. Give us a call at 912-446-1985 for a consultation or to schedule your procedure.

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