Sculpt Your Body Without a Needle or Knife

male model with athletic body wearing comfortable black cotton underpants standing As we age, our metabolism begins to slow, and it becomes ever increasingly difficult to get rid of stubborn body fat and keep defined and toned muscles. Couple that with lives that become busier each year, it may be nearly impossible to find time to exercise enough, and take the time needed for healthy nutrition.

For many years, liposuction has been a safe and effective way of permanently removing stubborn body fat, especially around the abdominal area. Using a small catheter inserted below the skin, the fat cells are permanently removed from your body, revealing a flatter and more sculpted look. While it is a safe procedure, it is still somewhat invasive and comes with some risks.

As an alternative, some patients have chosen other treatment options to get rid of stubborn body fat. One increasingly popular method is using radiofrequency and cryogenic therapies to destroy the fat cells from the inside. Once the cells are destroyed, what remains is cleaned out of your body by your natural metabolic processes.

Though these treatments come with high success rates, they only address body fat, not the muscles that may help maintain that sculpted look. Dr. Carl Pearl and the team at Chatham Plastic Surgery in Savannah, GA, is pleased to offer the next step treatments to, not just remove stubborn body fat but create a sculpted and chiseled look to your body.

Using electromagnetic waves, EMSculpt causes rapid muscle contractions, at a rate of nearly 20,000 contractions during a 30-minute treatment. This not only causes the treatment area to work to break down fat cells, the muscles underneath are toned and strengthened.

Treatment sessions can be performed in less than an hour and are completely painless with no recovery or downtime after. Since EMSculpt is non-invasive, it can be used to treat nearly any area of your body. Many patients report the results appearing faster and longer-lasting than other methods of removing stubborn body fat.

Call Dr. Pearl at Chatham Plastic Surgery in Savannah, GA, at 912-446-1985, or visit to learn more about EMSculpt can help you achieve your aesthetic goals and to make an appointment today.

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